"Take No Prisoners"

“New Afrikan Criminology Academy” (Pelican Bay State Prison)

In Reports From Inside on 25/02/2011 at 04:22

Mission Statement

One of the primary crisis facing the New Afrikan (aka: Afrikan-Amerikan) community is our inability to resolve the gang and crime problem which plagues our communities across the country. The government and law enforcement agencies have merely politically and economically exploited this epidemic. Tax dollars are being diverted towards flooding our communities with police and building new prisons for the incarceration of our young people. People’s tax dollars are being misused, and would be better used to build new schools or support proven effective social programs that we know/will/have worked to deter our youth from criminal activities. The government has provided us with little to nothing to solve this crisis, and yes, it has reached epidemic proportion; a crisis equivalent to a self-imposed genocide. Thousands of our young people are dying annually across the country as a direct result of this crisis. Thousands of them are also being incarcerated monthly as a direct result to this crisis. We can no longer afford to depend on the government or law enforcement agencies; it is time for us to take the lead in this campaign. If we fail to act, we will continue to create a generation of dysfunctional and unstable communities.

The New Afrikan Criminology Academy (N.A.C.A.) is a think tank that will consist of New Afrikan scholars, students, community activists, and politically conscious prisoners with a long and consistent history of serving the community. We strongly encourage volunteers irrespectively of race and/or nationality.

The goal of the N.A.C.A. is four-fold:

1. To develop comprehensive literature designed to help our people understand the gang and crime problems in our communities.

2. To develop solutions to the gang and crime problem that plagues our communities.

3. To serve as a consultant advisory council instructing our communities on how to develop the necessary community-based institutions specifically designed to eradicate gang violence, crime, and drugs from our communties.

4. To challenge the criminalization of our people and community.

The N.A.C.A. is presently a division of the http://www.sojournertruthfarmschool.org. This is a non-profit group dedicated to saving our children/youth. We are only at the development stages, but no one can deny the need for our N.A.C.A. We will go beyond rhetoric and propaganda to focus on solutions because we are solution oriented. The N.A.C.A. is not about destroying our young, we are totally subordinate to the needs of our community. We approach our young people with love and understanding. The government’s approach to our young troubled pupils is prison. This has not resolved any gang conflicts. Their approach only pitted our community against each other; the young against the old. Our philosophy is rooted in our love for our young people. The key to our success is earning the trust of the gang members because without that trust our young gang members won’t listen to us. We can only reach them if they trust. If they think we are working with the cops, they won’t support our programs. We intend to transform the Black street gangs into community-based organizations committed to serving our communities.

People, we as a community cannot move forward in prosperity until we effectively address the internal issues such as gang violence, crime and drugs. It is our responsibility to do something about it. We can no longer afford to just sit and do nothing and giving up on our young people is NEVER an option. We are losig thousands of our young people annually due to gang violence and thousands monthly due to incarceration. Our communities are like factories producing raw commodity for the prison industrial slave-complex to exploit, import, and export capital goods; property fo the state!!! If you fail or refuse to make an effort to save our young people and community, you forfeit your right to criticize them or complain about the conditions of our communities. Either stand up and get involved, or sit down and shut the hell up!!! We are more qualified to solve this crisis than anyone else, but your participation is imperative!!

New Afrikan Criminology Academy

PO BOX 311, Poolesville, MD 20837

Attn: Prof. Dorothy B. Fardan




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