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Bar None on Hiatus

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Bar None is no longer meeting as a group. We have left this blog up as an archive of our work, but we are no longer regularly updating it. You can try reaching us at the contact information on the About Us page. You will probably get better results by contacting an active group such as Californians United for  Responsible Budget (CURB), Critical Resistance, California Coalition for Women Prisoners or our longtime partners California Prison Focus. We remain deeply concerned about the prison industrial complex and particularly the prison system in California. We are all continuing the work of abolishing prisons and hope that you will get involved in some way too.


Jessica Whatcott, Bar None


Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

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According to a source at Pelican Bay State Prison, who prefers to be
anonymous, the medical conditions for many strikers have deteriorated
to critical levels, with fears some prisoners could start to die if
immediate action isn’t taken. For at least 200 prisoners in the SHU at
Pelican Bay, medical staff have stated:

“The prisoners are progressing rapidly to the organ damaging
consequences of dehydration. They are not drinking water and have
decompensated rapidly. A few have tried to sip water but are so sick
that they are vomiting it back up. Some are in renal failure and have
been unable to make urine for 3 days. Some are having measured blood
sugars in the 30 range, which can be fatal if not treated.”

Since the hunger strike has spread to at least a third of CA’s
prisons, family members have informed Prisoner Hunger Strike
Solidarity of their loved one’s conditions. They have reported hunger
strikers have lost 20-30 pounds, are incredibly pale, and that a
number of prisoners fainted and/or went into diabetic shock during
family visits this past weekend. Some prisoners have been taken to the
prison hospital in at least Corcoran and Pelican Bay.

TODAY: Take Action! Call NOW!

Governor Jerry Brown: 916-445-2841
“Hi my name is _________ . I’m
calling about the statewide prisoner hunger strike that began at
Pelican Bay. I support the prisoners & their reasonable “five core
demands.” I am alarmed by the rapidly deteriorating medical conditions
of the hunger strikers & the inaction of the CDCR. I urge you to make
sure the CDCR negotiates with the prisoners immediately & in good
faith, before prisoners are force-fed or even die. Thank you.”

***Also call your legislators and urge them to make sure the CDCR
negotiates with the prisoners in good faith.***

CDCR Secretary Matthew Cate: 916-323-6001
“Hi my name is _____. I’m calling about the statewide prisoner hunger
strike that began at Pelican Bay. I support the prisoners & their
reasonable “five core demands.” I am alarmed by the rapidly
deteriorating medical conditions of the hunger strikers & the inaction
of the CDCR. I urge the CDCR to negotiate with the prisoners
immediately & in good faith, before prisoners are force-fed or even
die. Thank You.”

Other Ways to Support the Hunger Strike:

The prisoners need international support! No matter where you are
geographically, you can help amplify the prisoner’s voices and

Check out the blog and Attend Solidarity Events & Demonstrations!
Sign the online petition!
Organize a Solidarity Event/Action in a city or town near you!
Share this information with everyone you know through phone calls,
emails, facebook, twitter, and more!
Use grassroots & mainstream media to raise awareness and amplify the
prisoner’s demands!
If you have a loved one locked up and want support contacting them
about the hunger strike, reach out to the coalition by sending an
email to prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity@gmail.com. It is important
that they have updates on the status of the hunger strike both at
Pelican Bay and across California, including how people are showing
solidarity & support for the hunger strike outside.

Thank you for your support!

In Struggle,
Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity*

*Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity is a coalition based in the Bay
Area with international supporters of prisoner rights advocates,
lawyers, community members and anti-prison activist organizations. The
coalition and hunger strike was initiated by prisoners in Pelican Bay
State Prison. Coalition partners include: Legal Services for Prisoners
with Children, All of Us or None, Campaign to End the Death Penalty,
California Prison Focus, Prison Activist Resource Center, Critical
Resistance, Kersplebedeb, California Coalition for Women Prisoners,
Revolution Newspaper, American Friends Service Committee, BarNone
Arcata, and a number of individuals throughout the United States and
Canada. To get in contact with the coalition, email:
prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity@gmail.com. For more info, check out our

PBSP SHU D-Corridor Hunger Strike

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FINAL NOTICE: PBSP SHU D-Corridor Hunger Strike

Attention: beginning July 1, 2011, several inmates housed indefinitely in PBSP-SHU D-Facility, Corridor Isolation, will begin an indefinite hunger strike in order to draw attention to, and to peacefully protest, 25 years of torture via CDCR’s arbitrary, illegal, and progressively more punitive policies and practices, as summarized in the accompanying “Formal Complaint.”

PBSP-SHU, D-Facility Corridor inmates’ hunger strike protest is to continue indefinitely until the following changes are made:


1. Individual Accountability – This is in response to PBSP’s application of “group punishment” as a means to address individual inmates rule violations. This includes the administration’s abusive, pretextual use of “safety and concern” to justify what are unnecessary punitive acts. This policy has been applied in the context of justifying indefinite SHU status, and progressively restricting our programming and privileges.

2. Abolish the Debriefing Policy, and Modify Active/Inactive Gang Status Criteria – the debriefing policy is illegal and redundant, as pointed out in the Formal Complaint [IV-A, p. 7]. The Active/Inactive gang status criteria must be modified in order to comply with state law and applicable CDC are rule and regulations [eg, see Formal Complaint, p. 7, IV-B] as follows:
A) cease the use of innocuous association to deny an active status,
B) cease the use of informant/debriefer allegations of illegal gang activity to deny inactive status, unless such allegations are also supported by factual corroborating evidence, in which case CDCR-PBSP staff shall and must follow the regulations by issuing a rule violation report and affording the inmate his due process required by law.

3. Comply with US Commission 2006 Recommendations Regarding an End to Long-Term Solitary Confinement – CDCR shall implement the findings and recommendations of the US commission on safety and abuse in America’s prisons final 2006 report regarding CDCR SHU facilities as follows:
A) End Conditions of Isolation (p. 14) Ensure that prisoners in SHU and Ad-Seg (Administrative Segregation) have regular meaningful contact and freedom from extreme physical deprivations that are known to cause lasting harm. (pp. 52-57)
B) Make Segregation a Last Resort (p. 14). Create a more productive form of confinement in the areas of allowing inmates in SHU and Ad-Seg [Administrative Segregation] the opportunity to engage in meaningful self-help treatment, work, education, religious, and other productive activities relating to having a sense of being a part of the community.
C) End Long-Term Solitary Confinement. Release inmates to general prison population who have been warehoused indefinitely in SHU for the last 10 to 40 years (and counting).

D) Provide SHU Inmates Immediate Meaningful Access to:
i) adequate natural sunlight
ii) quality health care and treatment, including the mandate of transferring all PBSP-SHU inmates with chronic health care problems to the New Folsom Medical SHU facility.

4. Provide Adequate Food – cease the practice of denying adequate food, and provide a wholesome nutritional meals including special diet meals, and allow inmates to purchase additional vitamin supplements.
A) PBSP staff must cease their use of food as a tool to punish SHU inmates.
B) Provide a sergeant/lieutenant to independently observe the serving of each meal, and ensure each tray has the complete issue of food on it.
C) Feed the inmates whose job it is to serve SHU meals with meals that are separate from the pans of food sent from kitchen for SHU meals.

5. Expand and Provide Constructive Programming and Privileges for Indefinite SHU Status Inmates. Examples include:
A) Expand visiting regarding amount of time and adding one day per week.
B) Allow one photo per year.
C) Allow a weekly phone call.
D) Allow Two (2) annual packages per year. A 30 lb. package based on “item” weight and not packaging and box weight.
E) Expand canteen and package items allowed. Allow us to have the items in their original packaging [the cost for cosmetics, stationary, envelopes, should not count towards the max draw limit]
F) More TV channels.
G) Allow TV/Radio combinations, or TV and small battery operated radio
H) Allow Hobby Craft Items – art paper, colored pens, small pieces of colored pencils, watercolors, chalk, etc.
I) Allow sweat suits and watch caps.
J) Allow wall calendars.
K) Install pull-up/dip bars on SHU yards.
L) Allow correspondence courses that require proctored exams.
NOTE: The above examples of programs/privileges are all similar to what is allowed in other Supermax prisons (eg, Federal Florence, Colorado, and Ohio), which supports our position that CDCR-PBSP staff claims that such are a threat to safety and security are exaggerations.

Date: April 3, 2011 Submitted by:

Todd Ashker and Danny Troxell

On behalf of of themselves and similarly situated participants


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The Benefit was a success: we raised enough money to sustain our group for the year!

Thank you all for the stamps, envelopes, support: both monetary and social, and your presence!

A BIG Thank You to Kyoto for providing us the space, sushi, and wine!

In Solidarity,
The Bar None Collective

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